Product Engineering Teams

Goodbye and good riddance to operational obstacles. Skyrocket your productivity with our truly unique solution.

Revolutionise your results with Shaped Thoughts

Plenty of various specialists on board and still having a hard time delivering desired results effectively in your development? If only there was a way to boost your performance. Wait a second! There is! We are introducing our Product Engineering Teams.

Your fixed benefits from working with us

Expertise in InsurTech and FinTech

Value-driven delivery

Open and transparent collaboration

Quick wins

End-to-end responsibility for the project

Flexibility in solving problems

What is the Product Engineering Team at Shaped Thoughts

A lot of organisations operate in multiple different teams, each with its own sets of specialists. However, this approach entails some communication and knowledge exchange hurdles, taking a toll on overall performance. Recognising this challenge, we step in with your solution to break those barriers – Product Engineering Teams.

Shaped Thoughts’ Product Engineering Team (or a Dedicated Development Team, if you will) serves as a seamlessly integrated, cross-functional, autonomous unit of senior experts. With a wide array of skills, not only does the team boost its capabilities but also fosters flexibility. This ensures a comprehensive end-to-end delivery of your product, solving any complex problems.

No hand-holding. Independent, yet in sync with your goals. Ideation? Check. Getting all the requirements down to a T? Check. Smooth execution? No problem. From start to finish, our Product Engineering Team has it all covered. 

Here’s what you gain

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

You define goals, and our team handles end-to-end responsibilities, from analysis to project delivery.

Zero Management on your part

Zero Management on your part

Managing the Product Engineering Team is fully on us. We spare you overseeing any HR processes or hiring costs.

Fixed costs

Fixed Costs

The Product Engineering Team operates on a defined rate with clear, predetermined payments.

Predictable Outcomes

Predictable Outcomes

You benefit from expected results, gaining a clear perspective on how your objectives will be accomplished.

End-to-end project ownership by Shaped Thoughts

End-to-end project ownership by Shaped Thoughts

We take complete ownership of the project and its delivery, meeting your set criteria and deadlines, without you having to supervise the team on your end. We’re flexible, whether it’s taking full responsibility or handling just specific parts of a bigger project.

Does this catch your interest?

Let’s team up and all these advantages will be yours in no time.

Collaboration models

Within Shaped Thoughts’ Product Engineering Teams services, you have the flexibility to choose from one of the two collaboration models we offer:

Full Team

You utilise the team 100% under a Time and Materials contract.

Choose this model if you:

have a well-established roadmap
want us to take an end-to-end delivery ownership
look for long-term synergy

On-demand Team

The team works for you as long as needed. If your workload happens to drop, you can temporarily park the team with a one-month notice period and the option to rehire when new needs arise.

This model is for you if:

your key projects’ delivery schedule is fragmented – you need a highly qualified and pre-trained team on demand at hand
you may need to scale development up and down every few months

Effectiveness unleashed – your product development makeover

Let us turn your product development journey into an efficient and effective experience. 

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