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Reshape your digital landscape with our cloud-based solutions, where innovation, efficiency, and growth come together to ignite your success.

Smooth your cloud operations with a reliable provider

Want to up your game in your business operations? With Shaped Thoughts’ Cloud Engineering solutions, the place at the forefront of innovation is yours. Our team is committed to developing bespoke strategies that align with your unique needs. Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, optimising existing infrastructure, or initiating a digital transformation – rest assured, we’ll handle it all.

At Shaped Thoughts, some things never change

Expertise in InsurTech and FinTech

Value-driven delivery

Open and transparent collaboration

Predictable outcomes

End-to-end responsibility for the project

Flexibility in solving problems

Cloud Audit
Cloud Transformation
Cloud Architecture Design
Cloud Management
Cloud Cost Optimisation
Cloud Security
Cloud Consulting
Cloud Migration
Cloud Optimisation
Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Configuration as Code (CaC)
Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
Building Cloud-Native Apps
AWS Cloud Services

The list can go on. If you didn’t find the specific service you’re looking for, don’t worry!

Got a wishlist? Lay it on us!

How your business can benefit from cloud computing solutions

Stay ahead of the curve with the agility of cloud solutions. Not only will you experience swift updates and seamless testing, but you’ll also enjoy fast time to market. To top it all off, your resiliency, stability, as well as security will significantly improve – all while adjusting to changing demands with ease. And let’s not forget about lower infrastructure costs. 

Implementing cloud solutions isn’t just a decision; it’s a leap towards unmatched flexibility, speed, and innovation.

With our cloud services, these benefits are yours!

Performance and Reliability

Sit back and relax enjoying the reliability and unparalleled performance our cloud computing solutions offer. We ensure your systems run smoothly, delivering an optimal user experience. Safely change your critical systems without downtime.

Security and Compliance

Boost your security and compliance by protecting your sensitive and valuable data. Our Cloud Engineering experts employ top-tier practices to keep your information safe and sound.

Innovation Boost

Remain in the lead of technology trends. Our specialists harness the latest developments in cloud services to fuel innovation within your organisation, giving you a head start over your competition.

Cost Optimisation

Maximise cost efficiency by paying only for the resources you actively use. Let us guide you in creating economical solutions tailored to your budget.


Hardware limitations? Not anymore! Thanks to our unique Cloud Engineering solutions, you’ll seamlessly scale your organisation’s infrastructure, seeing to it that it grows and adapts along with the changing demands of your business.

Level up data security with our cloud engineering solutions

Seize control over your infrastructure with our exceptional cloud solutions. Having your needs in mind, we offer a robust cloud architecture where you have the flexibility to effortlessly scale your resources up and down, ensuring your cloud framework aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of your buisness. 

And security? Nothing to fret over. With your cloud environment safety as our top priority, your data isn’t just stored; it’s perfectly safeguarded. If any unexpected data security hiccups pop up, our cloud-powered solutions provide efficient recovery and backup processes, reducing downtime and keeping your business on track.

Take full advantage of cloud computing services at Shaped Thoughts, where your data is yours to control, and scalability and security go hand in hand always holding onto the resilience of your infrastructure.

Tailored CloudOps solutions for every scenario

Building from the ground up?

Or maybe looking to modernise existing systems?

Either is in our wheelhouse. Our team excels at crafting robust, cloud-native applications tailored to your business needs. 

Have your head, ehm, data, in the Cloud? You’d better. And Shaped Thoughts’s the way.

Propel your performance and scalability with us!

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