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About Shaped Thoughts

The company

We’ve chosen to be a boutique software company to stay focused and develop tailored software solutions during close-knit cooperation with our business partners.

Our cross-functional, highly skilled and specialised Product Engineering Teams offer undivided attention and engineer bespoke solutions that are robust and meet your unique requirements. No matter whether you ask us to develop a product end-to-end, build a scalable SaaS platform, custom software to fit individual needs or integrate complex systems or APIs, we deliver.

Tech skills and industry experience of a technology partner are beyond price. Gaining a deep understanding of client’s needs and business is the only way to nurture a strategic long-term partnership. At Shaped Thoughts, we firmly believe that what determines success is an open, transparent and honest collaboration established on shared values. We differentiate ourselves by providing exceptional quality engineering services and domain knowledge at all stages of your project.

Our mission

To make the delivery of mission-critical software feel like a breeze.

How we deliver

We value our craft and don’t compromise on quality, so we stop at nothing to hone our engineering skills.

Software Craftsmanship and expertise in Continuous Delivery, extreme programming practices, Domain-Driven Design, Event-Driven Architecture, Behaviour-Driven Development, Test-Driven Development, and Evolutionary Architecture are at the heart of our daily routine.

We aim to share our expertise to bring best-in-class practices and technology to elevate your business.

Working standards

Fast feedback loops

Continuous Delivery

Data-driven project forecasting

Evolutionary Architecture

Business value-driven delivery

Domain-Driven Design

Event-Driven Architecture

Behaviour-Driven Development

Test-Driven Design

Automated E2E tests

Quality documentation

Clean Code

Code reviews and pair programming

Continuous Deployments

Robust monitoring and observability

Synthetic Monitoring

Infrastructure as a Code

Cloud Native Architecture

Predictive project delivery

API First

Consumer-Driven Design

Our path to your succesS

During the development process, we use all our experience and know-how to ensure you get the most excellent and future-proof product that works for your business. That is why, from the first touch, we work hard to understand your business, needs and desired outcomes deeply. With lean development principles in mind, we aim to give you the best work experience with a clear workflow organisation.

The working path we present is only the backbone of the process. Throughout our partnership, we remain flexible and open to adapting our work process to reach your needs and expectations and smoothly embrace possible changes.


It all starts with ensuring we understand your business challenges and can help you reach your goals. We collaboratively explore the problem space and define expected outcomes. Better yet, we can dive into your organisation to fully grasp its needs if you want us to.

Idea discovery

Once aligned, we need to learn more about the idea you want to bring to life. Together, we define the project scope, identify key objectives and capture requirements. It involves talking to stakeholders, analysing their needs, and creating a robust project plan to form a product roadmap. Most importantly, all of these activities are continuously revisited throughout the project delivery to make sure we never lose alignment.

Product or system design

Before we jump into coding, we carefully analyse collected data and trigger a system design process that involves, among other things, UX research, architecture design, and value-driven increments discovery. At this stage, we also establish an approach, working process, standards and security protocols.

Idea delivery and quality assurance

Value-driven development backed up by iterative and incremental work methodology is the key success factor for fast time to market. We work in increments and deliver value early at all stages to ensure we build the right thing that meets your expectations. The highest work standards, best-in-class tools, and constant feedback loops from testing allow us to provide exceptional quality at all angles.

Refinement and expansion

We shall not rest once the project is complete and hits the market. We keep gathering feedback on the solution or MVP of your product to improve further and expand our solution. We partner in establishing processes necessary for scaling your business. Thanks to DevOps and security expertise, we set up an observability platform and tools to keep your system and technology in check and let you sleep peacefully.

Don’t take our word for it. See first-hand how we deliver.

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