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Not sure if your InsurTech business idea will fly? Gain a fresh and objective perspective on your vision to get back on track.

What is tech mentoring and coaching at Shaped Thoughts?

Are you noticing the challenges of the insurance field amidst shifting industry trends? Have a groundbreaking idea for an InsurTech business that would address those hurdles? Or maybe you’re already diving into development but are afraid you lack the right knowledge and tools to make it happen? Feeling like you’ve hit the wall? 

If any of these scenarios hit home, our free tech mentoring is what you need.

But what is it exactly? Mentoring, coaching, consulting—call it as you like. The idea is simple—we offer you an opportunity to leverage our unique perspective, extensive experience and skills to assist your InsurTech venture, be it a start-up or scale-up, in navigating your technological challenges, fostering growth, and achieving long-term success. 

Through our technology audits, we can provide a thorough evaluation to validate your business ideas from a technical standpoint, ensuring they are feasible and sustainable. By meticulously assessing various technology aspects, we identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for optimisation, offering actionable insights that empower informed decision-making and drive product innovation, which we find particularly valuable to investors and VCs.

In other words—we help you validate your idea.

Meet your mentors

Extensive expertise in Insurance and InsurTech domains
Unique insights into enterprises and start-ups, grounded in hands-on experience with both environments
Profound expertise in value-driven product development
Bridging technology with business and crafting technology strategies aligned with business goals, backed by a background in CTO roles
Organising engineering teams for fast flow using concepts such as Team Topologies
Leading complex projects with cross-functional teams
Developing and executing evolutionary technology roadmaps
Experience in expanding business operations internationally, fostering innovation and efficiency
Proven success in growing and developing self-organised Product Engineering Teams, with over 100 hires
Coaching and mentoring IT professionals, advancing their careers
Applying modern engineering practices, including Continuous Development, Evolutionary Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Event Storming, and Data Mesh
Hands-on experience in developing scalable cloud-native software, improving the performance of distributed systems, and designing adaptable system architectures for current and future goals

There’s plenty more where that came from and we’re happy to share!

What you gain

Insurance and InsurTech business know-how

The path to building an effective and efficient Product Team

Feedback on how to build an efficient MVP with fast time to market

Feasibility study of the technical architecture

Tech mentoring and a viability study of your product idea

We sign an NDA to give you confidence your product idea is secure.

Networking is king

Over the years, we’ve built a vast network in the insurance realm, tuning in to the various challenges professionals face. To us, each conversation is an opportunity to broaden our perspective and notice what previously went unnoticed. By forging partnerships and fostering connections, we’ve helped many expand their horizons. 

And we’re here to do the same for you. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and build innovative products more effectively. From crafting cutting-edge tech solutions to assembling superb IT teams, our ultimate goal is to guide you towards faster success.

Nothing to lose, plenty to gain

By taking the time to validate your business idea you’re one step closer to success. Why is that? Because it can save you from costly mistakes, help you create an outstanding team, and hence, develop a better product, which is all crucial for launching a successful venture. That’s all our tech mentoring is about.

Ok, so where’s the catch? Here’s the thing—there is none. You share your idea, we share our expertise. It’s really that simple. It’s a two-way street—we help you succeed, you help us broaden our horizons. Everybody benefits.

It’s free to talk to us. All it takes is your time and effort. Whether you’re willing to devote them to this is up to you. Why not give it a shot?

Tech mentoring

Tap into our tech mentoring and let’s turn that lightbulb over your head into a successful product or service.

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