Nurturing Growth: Shaped Thoughts’ Constructive Feedback Culture Unveiled

February 2, 2024

Constructive feedback culture

Let’s face it – nobody likes criticism. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be a value; on the contrary – it often is, especially when we’re talking about constructive criticism. Better yet, try constructive feedback. Unlike the former, it focuses on motivating the recipient to succeed and improve. And that’s exactly what we aim at.

At Shaped Thoughts, we harness the power of constructive and continuous feedback, be it during the recruitment process, within our team, or in collaboration with our business partners and clients. Why? Because trust is a cornerstone of our core values. And one way to earn it is through honest and open communication which, in turn, lays the foundation for solid partnerships and respect. And that brings us to the very matter of constructive feedback.

So, how do we go about it at Shaped Thoughts? Let’s dive right in.

Why Is Constructive Feedback Important in the Recruitment Process

Recruitment process

How many recruitment processes have you undergone just to be met with radio silence at some point on the recruiter’s part? Not cool, is it? That’s why we believe that constructive feedback is of paramount importance in the recruitment process, both for the candidate and for us.

From Setbacks to Success

Naturally, nobody wants to hear the bad news – that their candidacy got turned down. But because we always aim to give explicit, specific, and objective feedback, our candidates are able to focus on their weak points and develop, eventually reaching their full potential and aspirations in further recruitment processes. And who knows, once they do that, they might even cross paths with us again, this time bringing the very skillset we’re searching for.

But even those whom we’re going to welcome aboard can always count on reliable feedback from us as well, as we do our best to embed it into our company culture. This way, they know there are areas in which they need to improve and can address those gaps. And we appreciate feedback from applicants, too! It’s only fair.

Besides, it’s crucial for us that the candidate aligns with our needs and that we do with theirs. It has to be a great match for both sides. We, as a company, want to provide a potential employee with an environment that will suit their needs and expectations so that they can fully thrive in it. And it needs to work both ways – the candidate must align with our shared values and fit our expectations. A synergy.

The way Shaped Thoughts test skills, the way Shaped Thoughts provides feedback is absolutely outstanding. I am impressed and feel there are things I can learn from you. High, proactive feedback culture.

Michał P.

Shaping Relationships By Building Trust and Respect

What’s more, for us, as Shaped Thoughts, delivering honest feedback in the recruitment process is also a great way to establish ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy company in the market. We want our candidates to know that we’re committed to building strong relationships that one day may flourish into partnerships. In particular, job seekers appreciate constructive feedback that aims to unveil their weaknesses and knowledge gaps and, then, are more likely to put in a good word for us to fellow professionals. This is vital for us since we want people to recognise the added value in our recruitment process. In the end, we strive to be perceived as a remarkable and professional partner, one that’s worth cultivating relationships with.

You can gain much more insight into our feedback-oriented approach during the recruitment process here, where our co-founder Bartosz Czerwiński shared his perspective.

The Power of Constructive Feedback at Work

Feedback at work

Is feedback important in the workplace? It sure is! Our journey with constructive feedback doesn’t end with the recruitment process, far from it. At Shaped Thoughts, we live and breathe it, so it accompanies us in our daily operations within our team.

It’s imperative that we cultivate this approach, as giving, as well as receiving feedback at work holds enormous value for each of us. It helps us change our behaviours and impact motivation, leading to boosting productivity and assessing our performance. This way, every single one of us is aware of what they’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement.

More importantly, our constructive feedback-oriented communication plays a key role in fostering a transparent and respectful working environment filled with mutual trust. This approach empowers our team members to take responsibility for their work and make a real difference. It’s all about nurturing pleasant workplace dynamics, continuous improvement and shared success.

How Feedback Impacts Collaboration with Our Clients

Feedback in business partnership

As already mentioned, trust is something we hold near and dear to our hearts. That’s why our feedback culture extends to working with our business partners and clients. And it’s not just a one-way street here at Shaped Thoughts – we’re determined to keep cultivating clear and honest communication marked with constructive feedback on both sides. Mutual understanding and alignment of both parties’ needs and expectations are essential to sustaining well-balanced and smooth collaboration.

At Shaped Thoughts, we’ve seen first-hand how this feedback-centred approach not only solidifies our relationships but also adds enormous value to the services we provide. We leverage feedback as a tool to enhance cooperation, ensure client satisfaction, and maintain long-term, reliable partnerships. And it’s something that our business partners have grown really fond of and highly value in us.


To sum it all up – whether it’s the recruitment process, our daily team interactions, or collaboration with our clients, constructive feedback is an integrated part of how we operate. It’s reflected in our commitment to honest and transparent communication which strengthens the trust we always aim to build in any relationship. And we know full well we’re not infallible; that’s why we welcome thoughts from our candidates, team members, and partners with open arms as well. Embracing constructive feedback is our gateway to personal and professional growth. 

If this sounds like the software partner you’d like to work with, feel free to drop us a line and let’s see how we can shape the future together!

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