Bonding Beyond Screens: Get-Togethers at a Remote-First Company

July 10, 2024

Shaped Thoughts team

Who doesn’t love working from the comfort of their home? We surely do! But as much as we’re fans of our remote-first approach, we appreciate interacting with each other outside of our computers, too. That’s why, a few times a year, we all meet up in person. These work get-togethers are all about connecting, collaborating, and having fun together. 

Here’s a glimpse into how team building is done at Shaped Thoughts.

Spring Team Onsite: Work, Play, and Sunshine

Our spring team outing is something we all always look forward to. We gather at a chosen location, perfect for both work and relaxation. Mornings are for getting stuff done—we work together in an open space. Sometimes, fun workshops are thrown in as well to engage the whole team and learn something valuable. It’s a great opportunity to brainstorm, come up with ideas, exchange insights, and make sure we’re all on the same page, all while enjoying a change of scenery.

With the more productive, work-related part of the day behind us, now it’s all about fun. Meals are shared together, conversations flow, and bonds are strengthened through fun activities. Whether it’s team-building exercises, outdoor adventures, or just enjoying the sunshine, there’s something for everyone. It’s a wonderful time to share stories, laughter, and build camaraderie. This mix of work and play helps us recharge and return to our home offices with fresh energy and stronger connections.

Shaped Thoughts team kayaking
Shaped Thoughts team kayaking

Christmas Get-Together: Celebrating Successes and Festive Cheer

Shaped Thought at Christmas Eve Dinner
Shaped Thoughts team at Christmas Eve Dinner

As December approaches, we always count the days for our Christmas team onsite. It’s a special time for us, filled with reflection, celebration and getting into the holiday spirit. We look back at our achievements of the year, reinforcing our company culture and values. It motivates us to keep doing what we do as Shaped Thoughts. We kick back and play games, chat over lunch, and simply enjoy cosy gatherings. The grand finale is our Christmas Eve dinner, where we feast, toast our successes, and share our hopes for the coming year. It’s a heartwarming way to end the year together.

Go-kart track at Christmas get-together
Having fun at a go-kart track

Family Onsite: Welcoming Loved Ones into Our World

This one’s really special. It’s a weekend getaway where we get to bring our loved ones along. Funny story, though—it was supposed to be a one-time event as a practical solution to scheduling conflicts. But everybody immediately fell in love with the idea and had so much fun together that we actually made it our annual tradition.

That said, each year our families have a chance to see the faces behind the names, understand the community we’re part of and connect. For this, we pick a family-friendly location and fill the weekend with activities everyone can enjoy. Fun games for kids, relaxing moments for adults, you name it—everyone is bound to find something right up their alley.

These family-oriented events play a crucial role in strengthening our organisational culture. They help us bond on a personal level and create a stronger sense of community. Involving our loved ones makes our work environment warmer and more inclusive. If this isn’t an indicator of our commitment to work-life balance, I don’t know what is. Plus, it’s just a whole lot of fun!

The Impact of Our Team Meetings

It’s really nice to meet once in a while out of the office, or in our case—our home offices. These work get-togethers are more than just events on our calendar; they’ve become an integral part of our company culture. Thanks to them, we have the chance to:

  • Strengthen bonds: Meeting in person helps us build closer relationships, strengthening trust and teamwork.
  • Celebrate success: Giving ourselves a pat on the back for our successes pumps us up for more. 
  • Enhance teamwork: Shared fun and experiences make us better at working together.
  • Create memories: These work outings create lasting memories that put a smile on our faces whenever we look back on them.


Fostering a supportive work-life balance is paramount here at Shaped Thoughts. Key to this is the remote-first approach we’ve been upholding from the start. But while our daily operations may be remote, offering us all flexibility and convenience, we also know that nothing can ever replace face-to-face interactions. At Shaped Thoughts, we absolutely love these moments spent together in the flesh, knowing they contribute to our collective success, personal fulfilment, as well as the sense of belonging to the company.

Speaking of belonging to the company—if all of this sounds like your kind of place, check out our current openings. And don’t hesitate to reach out even if you don’t see a perfect fit right now. You never know—we might still end up working together; if not now, perhaps sometime in the future :).

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